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FOX News
Feb 4, 2013 9:00am EST
. he will be speaking to the employees there. it seemed like yesterday hillary clinton was doing there is. the former massachusetts senator was sworn in as the 68th secretary of state for this country after hillary clinton formally resigned. gregg: a nasty surprise for drivers. gasoline prices taking a huge jump up 18 cents in the last week alone. the national average $3.53 for a gallon of regular. what's the deal? >> reporter: i think this is the direct result of ben bernanke promising to keep printing money. as he makes the promises the dollar goes down and the price of oil and gas goes up. the usual suspects are supply and demand or refiners of the oil companies or manipulation of the numbers. this time it seems to be a function of the sharply lower dollar because ben is printing so much money. it looks like we are on the way to a new normal. the old new normal was $3.50 a gallon. it looks like we'll move to another new normal of $3.75. gregg: timing couldn't be worse. you have got unemployment ticking up. you have got a negative gdp for fourth quarter. bad timing. >> reporter
FOX News
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am PST
from the first term to the second early it. when you add it up, you have hillary clinton leaving. you have leon panetta leaving. we'll have a new treasury secretary. a couple of mind staying, kathleen sebelius and janet napolitano. the face of it we'll have very new composition of the president's cabinet in the second term. ray lahood, according to ap announcing that today. bill: the threat of severe weather spreading across much of the country. a tornado, this is, what is it? it's january. there's a tornado watch already in effect for parts of the nation's heartland. maria molina is live in our fox extreme weather. you do not hear of this very often. >> no. good morning. very unusual to be talking about severe weather during the month of january. this is when we're typically looking at during the spring time, during the month of april, may, june. look at the high temperatures for today. this is one. reasons why we're seeing severe weather outbreak or expecting later on today. 82 degrees for the high temperature in san antonio. 74 in dallas. 74 in memphis. chicago's high temperature,
FOX News
Jan 31, 2013 6:00am PST
no plan with hillary clinton and that's why the hearings came off the way they did. is there a plan among you and your republican colleagues to be more effective at asking those questions? >> we have visited and we decided which issues are significant issues and how to ask the questions to extract the right answers. i think you will be pleased. bill: interesting. how tricky could this be for chuck hagel then? >> well, i'm not sure how tricky it would be. i will say that he will have to answer a lot of questions that are not e. we'll find out how tricky it is. bill: will he ultimately be approved do you think? >> i wouldn't want to speculate it. bill: really? so there's a chance he won't? >> no, i just wouldn't want to speculate. i don't think it is appropriate to speculate on that prior to a hearing. bill: understood. senator, thank you. i know you have got to run. i appreciate the few moments with us today. >> thank you, bill. bill: james inhofe out of oklahoma. thank you, sir. here's martha. martha: the white house says that the now shrinking u.s. economy, they really blame on house rep
FOX News
Feb 1, 2013 6:00am PST
clinton. >> you have to ask questions to get answers. if you make statements in a congressional hearing you'll get statements filibustering back at you. lindsey graham said that the hagel nomination for secretary of defense would not make it on to the floor unless the armed services committee got testimony from leon panetta about benghazi. that looks to be in train and i think they will insist that that testimony take place before the committee itself votes on the hagel nomination. bill: just one more question here, very broadly speaking. we were just talking about the middle east. you could move south on that map and talk about the northern continent of africa. >> right. bill: what are we doing as a country to engage in either of these areas to make sure the problems of today do not get worse? >> we have no strategy. that's why i've been so concerned that the whole sweep from the atlanta coast of west africa, through the middle east, all the way over to pakistan is deteriorating from the proceed pebgt tiff the united states and its close allies. israel, arab countries in the region. th
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)